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Annakolia Deities!

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 9:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yondalla ; Provider, Protector, Nurturing Matriarch

Yondalla is the Protector and Provider of halflings, she is the Nurturing Matriarch, not only of all halflings but of the halfling pantheon as well. Like all good matriarchs she is gentle and maternal for most of the time, but she can be strong and fierce when anything or anyone threatens those in her care. Her benign but firm rule has ensured that unlike most of the races, halflings only rarely succumb to evil. When haflings do fall prey to evil ways she does not angrily punish them, she attempts to gently guide them back onto the true paths.

Symbol: Shield with cornucopia.

Domains: Good, Plant, Protection, War

Portfolio: Protection, fertility, the halfling race, children, security, leadership, diplomacy, wisdom, the cycle of life, creation, family and familial love, tradition, community, and harmony.

Yondalla is also the goddess of fertility and growing. She can restore life and fertility to a barren land, and ensures the fields and orchards are full of growth to give comfort and plenty to the halfings. She also watches over the birth and growth of halfling young.

The family is of central importance to halfling culture and Yondallas concern and care for families is equally as important as her care for growing things. The goddess watches and intervenes where necessary to ensure that the families remain strong, close and peaceful.

Although she is gentle, benign and peaceful goddess, she is also the fierce protecter. Her nature is such that she avoids conflict, especially with the gods of other creatures, but when halfling lives, homes and lands are challenged she is a skilled, fearsome and powerful warrior. She can wither (cause premature aging to) those beings that dare attack halfings.

As a sign of her favour, Yondalla can bring favourable weather that blesses both the halfling people and the fields they tend. Conversely those who attack the halflings or offend Yondalla may find themselves beset by decidedly unfavourable weather.

When she appears to her people she may take on the form of a golden glow, but she usually appears as a highly attractive halfling woman, with a strong and determined but gentle bearing. She has long golden hair, a skirt of forest green, a corn yellow and earth brown tunic, and a stout wooden shield.


There are very few formal temples to Yondalla, she is more commonly worshipped at small shrines and in the home. If temples do exist they are simple buildings carved into the hillside. The church is responsible both for caring and providing for haflings, and for defending them. The clerics maintain a stockpile of both food and weapons, and if needed they are fierce defenders. Prayers to Yondalla are made at first rising in the morning and her clerics follow a simple rules.

Seek peace and comfort, for a life lived with both is true wealth. Lead through example, and know the activities of those you lead so that you can help shoulder their burdens when need be. Treasure your family, for your parents gave you life and your children are your future. Care for the aged and the weak, for you never know when you may be one of the strong laid low.
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